Language Training

SOL Education consultancy provides foreign language training to those who want to go abroad. We have sufficient experience in teaching foreign languages to Nepalese students. Our classroom is equipped with all the required infrastructures for students to learn a language. We teach foreign languages in such a way that it becomes easier for students to learn a language.

We are offering following language training classes at present:

Japanese Language:
We specialize in teaching Japanese language. We from our years of experience in teaching Japanese language will teach you to learn and understand Japanese language very easily.

Teaching Method
We use “The Direct Method” which involves teaching and learning a foreign language in the target language. This is acknowledged to be one of the best ways to learn a foreign language. This method helps the students to think in Japanese and motivates them to speak in Japanese language. We focus on read, write, listen and speak Japanese.

This course is specially designed for those students who want to go and study in Japan through this institution. Students can apply for various schools at:

a) Tokyo  b) Sendai  c) Fukuoka  d) Okinawa  e) Osaka  f) Kobe  g) Fukushima h) Shizuoka  i) Nagano j) Nagoya         k) Toyama   l) Chiba etc

Course details:

Course Duration Class Starts Daily Class Hours Weekly Class Teachers
6months *3 levels Sep, Mar, Dec & Jun 2hours 5days Nepalese/Japanese